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Activity in the field of conveyor and transmission equipment from 2003, company formation and development since 2007, Tan Phong Conveyor has become a respected brand in VinaTechnic Group operates in many different areas of supply of machinery and industrial equipment.
Over 1000 square meters of conveyor is distributed monthly, more than 3500 conveyor systems, assembly line and shipped annually with growth of 40% / year, our products are operating our good and is one of the few companies to win the trust of customers with the highest requirements.
With the motto "we specialize in conveyor", the products include:
Industrial conveyor surface
• The common PVC conveyor belt, PVC conveyor antistatic.
• PU conveyor, conveyor cotton in the food industry, cosmetics.
• Abrasive Belt, near conveyors, curved conveyors, bucket conveyors.
• Conveyor with working surfaces especially for the complicated process ...
Other conveyor accessories:
• Motor deceleration, variable speed, inverter, electrical equipment, control.
• Process connection conveyor paste, glue, pins connector (fish bones) connect the conveyor.
• Roller, roller, chain load, mechanical parts, shaped aluminum frame.
• Insulated Lot (axle wrap), connected service stickers on the conveyor.
• Near guide, lug conveyors, conveyor bulkhead ...
Conveyor System:
• Conveyor shaped aluminum frame
• Conveyor types include shipping, carton
• Conveyors transport bulk goods,
• Conveyor specialized in electronic components
• Conveyors for food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
• Conveyor in the printing industry, footwear, apparel
• curved conveyors, conveyor rollers, rubber conveyor belts, bucket
• Drying Conveyor, conveyor scales quantitative classification ....
• Design and manufacture conveyor systems according to customer requirements.
Assembly line components, manufacturing, product improvements:
• Assembling line of electronic components
• assembly line of household goods, industrial
• leather production line,
• Lines automatic collection, classification of products
• the production line products, agricultural products and forestry.
• conveyor chains, industrial chains drinks loads ...
• Design, manufacturing production lines according to customer requirements.
Belts and maintenance services industry:
• Elevator belt often, high strength belt
• Belt teeth and tooth belt pully
• Belt teeth steel core PU resin
• Flat belt, belt sanding paste, paste belt lugs
• Wire ditch, the speed, instant back, round belts ...
• Maintenance Services Conveyor Systems
• Recovery of conveyor belt ...
Please contact us for advice and meet your requirements!
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